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October 6 Best Bud Contest!

Rules of Engagement

  • Bring your prettiest flower (your best TOP) in a standard quart mason jar.

    • No labels or identifying marks in or on the jar.

  • Write your name and contact info on the card provided at check-in.

    • We’ll seal up the card with your name and place it inside the jar.

    • Then we’ll place a number on the jar lid.

  • All jars will be displayed at the event - on the stage.

  • Attendees and vendors get one vote each.

    • Voters will write their favorite number on a ticket and place it in the ballot box.

    • Staff will count the votes.

  • Contestants can collect their jar at the end of the event.

  • Winner receives:

    • TWO FREE tickets to the Holiday Social, PLUS...

    • Free assessment from one of our local Certified Ganjiers @the.oldmanofthemountain, valued at $250.00!
      This includes a 100 point assessment that is based on appearance, aroma, flavor and experience.

Best Bud.png


  • Check-in: 2-3pm

  • Voting: 3-4pm

  • Winner announced: 5pm

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